Risk Management and Supply Chain Security

Understand the crucial element of supply chain management, the understanding and management of security risks in a supply chain context.


About The Author

Guy Batchelor

Is the managing director of Minerva Elite Performance Ltd. The author also had a distinguished 26-year career in the British Army serving all over the world.

Liam Fassam

Mils Hills

Was seconded to the Cabinet Office to lead team-building and test the resilience of a range of national strategic units. He is an Associate Professor of Risk, Resilience and Corporate Security at Northampton Business School.

Risk Management and Supply Chain Security introduces various tools and concepts that can be utilized by logistics professionals to secure their supply chains. It looks at traditional elements of physical security associated with assets such as transportation nodes, warehousing and inventory. It also addresses upcoming threats to the industry such as cyber crime, corporate espionage, kidnapping, insider threat of fraud/crime and modern slavery gangs.

Giving a holistic view of supply chain security covering the operational, tactical and strategic risk management that companies can deploy to make their organisations more resilient, Risk Management and Supply Chain Security includes global case studies, across varying sectors, which supplement and add value to each chapter.

Risk Management and Supply Chain Security also includes extensive supplementary online materials.