Product Design and the Supply Chain

Learn about the strategic role of design and how it can transform current practices and organisational boundaries.


About The Author

Omera Khan

Is a professor in Operations Management at the Technical University of Denmark. She is adviser to many universities, such as SP Jain, Swedish School of Textiles, CBS and MBS, and is visiting Professor at Royal Holloway. She is internationally recognised in the fields of supply chain risk management, supply chain resilience and cyber risk, responsiveness, sustainability and the impact of product design. Omera Khan's work in this area has been published widely in practitioner articles such as CIPS and by academic publications. She created and chaired the product design and supply chain special interest group.

Product design touches every aspect of modern life, determining the form and function of the products and technologies that we use every day. Good design combines creativity with an appreciation of the technologies that underpin modern products and an understanding of how they fit into our lives.

Product Design and the Supply Chain contains fascinating content applicable to industry. It is full of useful and insightful real-life cases and examples. The author has collaborated for case studies with key figures in industry, such as Egil Moller Nielsen, former Group-Vice President for Global Distribution and Logistics at LEGO.

Product Design and the Supply Chain looks at key issues such as resource footprints and constraining elements and covers a number of different industries, such as textiles, automotive, electronics, aerospace and retail.